Average Household Size

Friday, May 13, 2022


The household size denotes the ratio of the total population to the total number of households. The national average household size is estimated to be 3.3 persons per household as opposed to 3.7 persons per household recorded in the 2011 Population and Housing Census. The results also depict a general decline in the average household size across districts when compared to the 2011 household sizes.

Across the census districts, the average household size ranges from 2.6 persons per household in Sowa to 4.0 persons per household in Ngamiland West. The mean average household size across the districts is 3.3 persons per household and the median is 3.8 persons per household. Cities and towns show an average household size which is less than 3.1 persons whereas for other districts it goes up to 4.0 persons.

Comparing the urban census districts, Selebi-Phikwe and Francistown tend to have larger average households, while those in Orapa and Jwaneng tend to be smaller with 2.8 persons per household each. Gaborone and Lobatse each have an average of 2.9 persons per household. However, the smallest household size as stated above is found in Sowa town.