Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thursdays are usually synonymous with throw backs and nostalgia, but 02 November 2017 was a day of futuristic technology and cutting edge breakthroughs. It was Statistics Botswana’s Open Day, and it surely opened doors and minds.
The Information Resource Centre was breathtakingly enchanting, festooned with balloons and steamers that gave it a refreshingly foreign look. The gadgets that were installed screamed hi-tech sophistication.
The day was officially opened by the Statistician General Ms. Anna Majelantle who was particularly pleased with the various dissemination channels that are in store.
Ms. Nametso Kgosiyame – Senior Documentation and Dissemination Officer espoused that in the case of Statistics Botswana, open access facilitates the availability and dissemination of statistics results as a means and effort to overcome access constrains mainly due to cost and proximity.
Among some of the products and services on show were the new website, which has a wealth of statistical releases dating back as far as 1966, display of new books on offer, library management system (LIBWIN), mounted book security technology, online databases and statistical data portals. She could barely hide her excitement at the way the day went and she described it as “a huge success”.