CTAC attend inaugural meeting

Monday, October 28, 2019

One of the key mandate of Statistics Botswana is to conduct Population & Housing Census every ten years on behalf of the government. To date Botswana has managed to conduct 12 census of which Seven (7) were conducted at irregular intervals between 1904 & 1964 and five (5) censuses since independence in 1966 were conducted at an interval of 10 years.

The 2021 Population & Housing Census (PHC) will be the sixth and its preparations have already kick started as a number of activities have been accomplished, among which is the establishment of the Census Office, led by NCC Mr. Kwenagape Mogotsinyane. The Census Project Document has also been developed in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

On Wednesday (16 October 2019) the Census Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC) which is chaired by Statistician General, Dr Burton Mguni convened for the first time at Tlotlo Hotel & Conference Centre to discuss 2021 PHC questionnaire. Specifically, CTAC met to look at various list of census topics.

When welcoming participants, Statistician General Dr Mguni expressed gratitude to partakers to have heeded the call, encouraging them to open up and weigh in their inputs freely. He also outlined the terms of reference for the committee as follows;

  • Provide guidance on Sectoral Technical issues through stakeholder representation regarding development of the Census Instruments
  • Guide on the review of the census questionnaire to ensure that Census provides relevant data to support policies and programmes
  • Guide on the review of tabulation programs and variable classification
  • Provide Guidance on Publication Program
  • Support the National Management Institutions to ensure efficient management of the 2021 PHC
  • Provides platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas on the required support for the Census.

For his part, NCC Mr. Kwenagape Mogotsinyane said CTAC will convene another meeting before 2021 census pilot in August next year to finalize the questionnaire. He said one of the purpose of conducting census is to provide baseline data.

“We are going to have a pretest in November and census pilot in August 2020”, he said.

Mr Mogotsinyane also reiterated that census is important as it provide baseline for all surveys.

On census topics that were discussed at Baisago University in July, the NCC said some of those topics were dropped as it was realized that they belong to household surveys.