Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Background information

Statistics Botswana conducted the Botswana Multi-Topic Household Survey (BMTHS) in 2015/16.  The BMTHS had two (2) key modules; being Poverty and Labour Force.

The BMTHS was designed to provide baseline indicators on Povery, Labour Force Household Icomes and Expenditures, Food Security and Social Protection amongst others.

The Continuous Multi-Topic Household Survey (CMTHS) will be conducted annually from 2019/20 going forward in order to provide more frequent socio-economic data to meet the planning and decision making needs of stakeholders. It is designed to provide more frequent updates on the baseline indicators from the BMTHS.

The CMTHS will on a quarterly basis, provide a set of indicators on labour force information (employment, unemployment and labour force profiles) to aid government’s efforts on employment creation, as well as indicators for monitoring and evaluation of progress on the National Strategies for Poverty Eradication, including the impact of programmes aimed at eradicating poverty. The CMTHS will also provide data as required from time to time by stakeholders.

CMTHS Objectives

The CMTHS is aimed at collecting, processing, analyzing, and publishing relevant labour force and poverty statistics. The continuous (yearly) nature of the CMTHS allows for close monitoring of programmes, ensuring timely interventions and programme/policy fine tuning. This, will lead to robust, responsive and relevant programmes that will ultimately improve the economy of the country and the livelihoods of Batswana.

Specifically the objectives of the CMTHS are to:


  • Measure of both current and usual economic activity;
  • Obtain a measure of the size of employment in both formal and informal sectors;
  • Measure of unemployment and underemployment;
  • Determine the size of economically active and inactive population;
  • Provide information on education attainment, occupation and employment status;
  • Provide a poverty predictors;
  • Provide more frequent, stakeholder specific data that enable policy makers and planners to use real time data in formulation of policies and programmes.

Data Collection

When?            From June 2019 going forward

Where?          From selected households across the entire country

What?             The CMTHS data collectors will ask questions mainly about:

  • Demographic characteristics of the household
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Income
  • Expenditure, etc.

Who?              The heads of selected households will be interviewed. All are required by law (Statistics Act, 2009) to provide accurate data at the time it is requested.

How?              Statistics Botswana data collectors will collect the data through interviews at households